Thursday, March 22, 2018

Blackout poem based on

Royal Deeside, Aberdeenshire

Royalty, sea, Riverdee
Glorious countryside
Historic, spectacular castles
Sensational nooks and crannies
Mountains walk Keiloch Crag
Walk hand in hand

March 21, 2018 Poetic Asides Spring


Birds tweeting, lambs frolicking, fawns nibbling
Geese flying north, bunnies scampering
Winter coats transform to sweaters
Tulips, violets, buttercups
Easter celebration
Robins tugging worms
Trees greening up
Drenching rains
Late snows

Tuesday, March 20, 2018



Liars, idlers, and aiders
Liars derail
Idlers drain
Aiders learn, dare,
and land ideal sandier isle deal.

Monday, March 19, 2018

gnomes find

What Will I Find in Scotland?

What will I find in Scotland
when I venture there?
A castle, a mountain, a lake?
I’m glad there are no bear.

What will I find in Scotland,
as I tour cities and highlands?
Fairies hiding and dancing about
while I explore the islands?

What will I find in Scotland
from where my ancestors came?
Will I meet a third cousin
bearing the family name?

What will I find in Scotland
as I take my reprieve?
I suspect that I will find
I won’t want to leave.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Alphabet Poem

Morning Prayer from A to Z

Almighty God, I come to You this day,
believing that as I draw near to You,
certainly, You will hover close to me.
Dear Lord, I love You and focus on You,
eliminating distractions of mind,
forgetting what’s behind, pressing forward,
grateful that You love me and hear my prayers.
Here, with my whole being, I worship You.
I know that You are worthy of all praise.
Jesus, thank You for coming to this world,
kindly and lovingly taking my place.
Lord, have Your way in my life, and forgive
me for my unbelief and selfishness.
Now, I come to You for help and guidance.
Open my eyes that I may see Your plan.
Prepare me to do Your will by Your grace.
Quietly, I wait and listen to You.
Remind me, please, of all that concerns You.
Spirit, come fill me now and help me pray.
Today, bless and watch over us. Grants us
understanding, wisdom, faith, grace, joy and
victory over thoughts and bad habits
which may trip us on our earthly journey.
Excuse us for all the times we displease
You. Help us walk in step with You with great
Z eal, increasing in love for each other.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Ae Freislighe

The Rescue

The City of Kilkenny,
On the banks of Nore River.
While high on a balcony,
Saw scene that made me shiver.

A boat drifting speedily
Toward some dangerous rapids.
They awaited greedily
As river grew less placid.

Kids within grew panicky.
I held my breath in worry.
The two screamed most drastically.
Someone had better hurry.

I said a prayer earnestly,
And soon I heard a whirring.
A boater came purposely.
Tears had my vision blurring.

The man performed heroics
And saved the kids I pitied.
God is Lord of aquatics
And Lord of all the city.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Double acrostic

Be Your Own Boss

B e your own boss. Takes lots of breaks and do yoga.
E liminate going back and forth. It’s up to you when

Y ou take off. You decide your work hours. When it’s time to get up or go to bed.
O  pen yourself up to a world under your own control. Understand
U sual nine to five is done. This life could be yours. Do you want to
R eap more benefits from your own efforts? Anything can happen,

O nce you start thinking along these lines. Know that
W onderful opportunities await. Be done with the working hubbub.
N ew businesses take risk. It takes courage.

B eing your own boss, doesn’t allow you to be a fool.
O nce you step out, you need to give it all you got. A
S izeable amount of time and energy needs to be invested in your biz.
S o read the last letter of each line slowly.