Friday, February 25, 2011

Big Tent Prompt--Holiday

B.M. Day (Beautiful Moon)

Simple pleasures are the best.
And enough can’t be said about
the pleasure and relief
of a good, healthy BM--
to get rid of all the crud
and toxins and feel light
and energetic once again.
Salute to this bodily function,
Worldwide BM Day,
would share the date with Halloween.
Celebrants would eat chocolate laxatives
flush at midnight, and TP their own homes.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Big Tent prompt -- Title Poem

Enthusiastic Soul

My soul adores You!
I’m like a little kid at Christmas
Standing with arms dropped to the side
Eyes and mouth wide open
Smiling in delight and surprise

You are awesome, God!

You are sooooooo good
Full of wisdom and truth
And all of the good adjectives I can think of.

Spinning and
At the joy of it all!

With a grin from ear to ear,
I’m Delighted at Your

Delighted at You!

I love You
and am fully Devoted to You.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Big Tent Poetry--Cheer yourself up about what's getting you down

Ah, the Joys of an Empty Nest

They say I wouldn’t know what to do
with the time and space of an empty nest.
But I beg to differ. When the last three leave,
the first thing I’ll do is clean the house
from top to bottom, dejunk, paint,
and make the back two rooms into one,
put a patio door in and finally plant a yard.
My husband and I will each have an office.
I’ll write full time, promote and market and
actually take a vacation with my husband.
I’ll turn the garage into an art studio.
I’ll sing more, paint more, pray more,
spend more time outdoors and
learn to play a musical instrument.
I’ll explore, reach out, learn, grow.
Deciding what to do with an empty nest?
Not a problem.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Big Tent Prompt: wordle

The Boat

The carpenter gazed with alert brown eyes,
at tools placed neatly on the cabinet top.
The saw blade cut rough cedar the right size
as whirs and thumping sounded from his shop.

He gripped the handle of the crude bronze plane
to steadily grind timber till it shone,
rotated each strong plank to match the grain,
angled the gleaming wood as red as roan.

He pounded with crude nails each plank in place,
water-resistant pitch to make it float,
and fashioned two long oars with skill and grace,
then took it to a lake, calm and remote.

It functioned as a place from which to preach.
Despite darkening clouds, Jesus liked to teach